darwin in space

Lighthouse Radio

Volcanoes as Cats

Someday I want to make an intro to geo book describing a bunch of concepts with kittens

Divergent Plate Boundaries

Straight from Marie Tharp's Pizzeria

himalayas copy

Trilobites love

Convergent Cats


Wait Wait!

NPR is life.

Who would win in a fight?

Beautiful villanous geology disciplines



Bats + Bannas


I love Trilobites!

Was gonna be a green ops but the eyes are wrong. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1591542039/trilobite-plushie-a-new-paleozoic-pal

Who wants a slice??

Describe your image here.


My first doodle online

Darwin Tshirt

Made for Darwin Days at the Museum of the Earth, 2016

Steggy Doodle

An example of an item auctioned off at PRI, a dinosaur and kid of your choice.

Summer Solstice

A piece I did for the Cayuga Nature Center

Wrong era

The Ediacaran was so weird, we know nothing

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